Wine Salon of the Czech Republic 2019

Wine Salon of the Czech Republic is the highest wine competition in the Czech Republic. Wines applying for the Wine Salon first of all need to go through the system of nominating exhibitions, only on this basis the wine-maker can apply for assessment in the Wine Salon. Only wines made from grapes grown in the Czech Republic can apply. Then the wine samples go through the assessment in the committee of wine-tasters, which awards the best 100 wines the right to mark their label with the words “Salon vín České republiky” (“Wine Salon of the Czech Republic”).

Gold medal in National Wine Competition

André 2015 pozdní sběr (André 2015 late harvest)

Cuvée Ryzlink vlašský PRESIDENT 2015 pozdní sběr (Cuvée Welschriesling 2015 PRESIDENT 2015)

Ryzlink vlašský 2017 VOC (Welschriesling 2017)

Frankovka 2016 kabinet (Blaufränkisch)

Chardonnay 2015 pozdní sběr

Rulandské modré 2015 pozdní sběr (Pinot noir 2015)

Ryzlink vlašský 2009 výběr z bobulí (Welschriesling 2009)

Svatovavřinecké 2015 pozdní sběr (Saint Laurent 2015)

Sylvánské zelené 2017 pozdní sběr (Grüner Silvaner 2017)

Veltlínské zelené 2017 pozdní sběr (Grüner Veltliner 2017)

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